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1. Blackjack
This is the most popular table game in the casino with a house edge of only 1%. Try to avoid the blackjack insurance bet as there is a house advantage of 5-8%. By learning Edward Thorpe's basic strategy (Beat the Dealer) you can cut the house advantage down from 2-3% to around 0.5%.
2. Video Poker
Hold any of the major hands down to a straight. After this the next best bet is holding four cards making up a royal flush.
3. Roulette
Try to play with a single zero wheel. The house advantage is 5.26% for double zero wheels and just 2.7% for single zero wheels. Another rule that cuts the house edge is called en prison. It works with any of the even bets. Say you bet red and zero comes up. With the en prison rule the bet is held until the next spin. If the next spin is red you get your stake money back. If it is not red you lose.
4. Craps
The best bets to avoid are these ones as the house advantage rises. Big 6 and 8, Hard way 6 or 8, Hard way 4 or 10, Any craps, 3 or 11 position, 2 or 12 position, Any 7
5. Red Dog
This is almost a game of shear luck. Also known as between the sheets. The smallest spread at which players gain an edge is seven. That's' when there are more cards in the deck that could help you rather than hurt you. Therefore only raise when the spread is at least seven.

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