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먹튀검증Do you love volleyball and want to learn how to play beach volleyball?  Well, before you ever step in the sand you need to realize that the rules for the beach are very different than on the hard co

Some of the most important beach volleyball rules to be aware of are the ones that are the hardest to get used to for an indoor player trying to make the transition to the s

The first rule is that you can't set the serve.  Don't just think that you can go out there and not set the serve without practicing.  If you play indoor you have a very bad habit you need to learn to break.  This means that you need to practice having someone serve high balls so that you can pass them without setting them.  Instead you need to have your hands touching each other and let the ball bounce off your pa

The next big rule difference is that you are not allowed to open hand tip the ball.  This means that you need to learn how to knuckle the ball or do a roll shot.&n

The third difference is that you can't side set the ball over the net.  This means that if your set goes over the net you need to have you shoulders squared to where you set the ball.  Also the set should not spin.  If you come to the beach and do an indoor set it will be called as a double and you will lose the po

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